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A new, inclusive vision for transport in Bristol has been co-created by people from communities across the city as part of our Community Climate Action Project.

In this vision, public transport is accessible, affordable and joined up with other transport options such as electric scooters and bikes. Everyone can walk and wheel easily and safely around the city. Those who have to drive can do so in a way that is better for them and the planet. Mobility equipment is on offer and public toilets are easily available. Community owned electric car clubs are popping up on the edges of the city. Deliveries are better coordinated, and food shops, doctors and schools are close to where people live, so cars are needed less.

This transport vision for Bristol is based on the desires and priorities identified by residents from Hartcliffe and Withywood, Easton and Lawrence Hill, Lawrence Weston, Lockleaze, as well as Bristol’s communities of Disabled people and refugees. Their ideas have been compiled by Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership and Praxis Research. While the six communities are not representative of all parts of Bristol, their views bring in important perspectives that are not usually heard in city transport decision-making.

Donna Sealey, Lead for Community Development and Engagement at Ambition Lawrence Weston says “We are excited to have been involved in the process of developing a transport vision for Bristol, and having our resident’s voices heard in a topic that is currently hot because we have just had our number 3 bus route ended. Our residents have identified priorities that are important to them in our local community climate action plan for Lawrence Weston. We are now hoping that this transport vision for Bristol will bring these issues to the city-wide arena.”

Transport emissions account for 28% of the average Bristol resident’s carbon footprint (not including flights), but can vary greatly depending on whether people get around via active or public transport or by car. Transport is also one of the priorities most frequently mentioned by residents in polls and community engagement.

“Transport is a complex, emotive and sometimes polarising issue which has a big impact on the everyday lives of Bristolians. This vision aims to be constructive and unifying and to champion the priorities and needs of Bristol’s communities. It’s important for transport policies to support people to travel in a sustainable and accessible way and not create any further barriers to those who already face challenges in moving around the city. By putting just transition at the heart of transport planning, there is a real opportunity to improve quality of life for residents.” Rachel Mohun, Senior Coordinator, Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership

The aim of the transport vision is to amplify the views of communities, showcase where there is common ground and demonstrate the public desire for positive change. It builds on existing work towards sustainable transport such as the 2016 Good Transport Plan and the 2020 Citizen’s Assembly. Transport goes beyond city boundaries so, although the groups behind the vision are Bristol based, they recognise it will require collaboration across the West of England region.

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